Balancing Schoolwork

Before I started the program this January, I resolved that I wasn’t going to allow myself to worry about getting the reading done for school at the cost of important time with my husband and children. And moreover, that I wouldn’t allow myself to be upset if I hadn’t done all of the reading. This is a difficult resolution for a diligent student like myself to keep, as school work seems more “pressing” and urgent than spending an evening relaxing with my husband. This is the position I found myself in this past weekend. After a very busy spring break and weekend away, I hadn’t done all of the reading for Monday and by Sunday night I was prepared to stay up late in the office reading. I started to feel very guilty about this prospect though, seeing as how I had spent very little alone time with Tom recently and the prospects of a relaxing evening together this week were slim. So the children were both asleep and I took out Augustine’s Confessions, about to make my retreat while Tom did clean up. But then I changed my mind and put the book away, and stayed up talking to him about our weekend with our friends and making plans for the week ahead. We both went to bed feeling more peaceful, and I managed to get the reading done before class anyway, mostly while the boys played in Anselm’s room in the morning. Now of course, I didn’t read as closely as I would have liked, but that’s ok. This program isn’t about getting everything I can out of these books now, it’s about developing the habits to be able to return to them as often as I’d like in the future.

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