A few weeks ago, I wrote a paper on Aristotle’s Metaphysics. I have to say, I really enjoyed writing it. It was my first St. John’s essay, which everyone says is very different from a typical college essay but exactly how it’s different is difficult to pin down. It’s much more question oriented, with an emphasis on following the text closely and trying to tease out the arguments made. So you don’t really need a thesis statement of your own original claim. I found it to be a very helpful exercise, although I have yet to see whether I hit the target as to what a St. John’s essay is supposed to be.

Anyway, I felt very free in writing it and intentionally decided not to seek out a lot of help from other students to “get it right” (and Tom helped me stick to this when perfectionism and self-doubt almost got the best of me). Somehow that seems antithetical to its nature, whatever it is. And I was enjoying myself too much.

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