Recent (mis)adventures

Well, it’s been about 3 weeks since I finished the spring semester and I have barely done any of the reading and writing that I intended to do before school starts again for the summer–already about a week away! Goodness, what have I been doing?

In my defense we have had a lot going on, and we went on a trip this past week. We went back to Princeton Reunions (every class goes back every year), where we saw some good friends and my husband and I reminisced about the different places around campus and town that were important in our courtship and engagement. Then we went to the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut, a Benedictine women’s monastery where I had been a summer intern before my senior year of college. This visit was in many ways a dearer reunion than the Princeton one, full of many joyful embraces and happy exchanging of the latest life news. We introduced baby Joseph to the community–he wasn’t born the last time we were there.

When I was at the Abbey I mostly did farm work, although I did some art and other chores there too. People who have met me after college find it surprising that I lived there and wanted to be a farmer! I don’t think my college friends found it surprising at all–farming and gardening were big interests for me then. They still are now but I haven’t devoted much time to them, except in thinking and pondering over them…

…which is what I intended to focus on while I was off from school. I have been meaning for quite a while now to investigate all of these trends in food and farming, like “organic,” “local,”  etc–things that in college I wholeheartedly championed without much serious reflection–and figure out what I really think. Anyway, whenever I manage to do that, I look forward to reporting on what I discover! I know I have some good books to tell you about.

Yesterday I convinced a new friend to bring her children to meet us at our favorite bookstore downtown. I raved about the “magical” garden in the backyard and how much we love it, and described the perfect picnic we would be able to have there. We arrived to find that the teeming life of early summer had turned the entire backyard, cafe tables and chairs included, into one massive bird toilet! Feeling committed to staying there, we proceeded to wipe down enough tables and chairs with baby wipes and we pulled out our sandwiches. Joseph was impossible to contain and kept crawling around on the nasty poop encrusted ground, trying to eat strange white berries. Just as it began to dawn on me that we might be prime targets for more bird droppings, I felt a trickle of water down my arm and looked up to see a squirrel on the tree above peeing on me!!

Believe it or not, we still hung around for a while longer. A playhouse made of books is too good to leave behind so quickly, and Anselm had to ride his carousel horse back to its barn at least 6 times before we left. Then he had to give it a bath with a baby wipe and kiss it. It’s so nice to have these whimsical sorts of places to go to, even with the squirrel urine and bird droppings.

I have been working a bit this week on the logo for the blog. It’s still in an early sketch stage.




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